The Olympians Leadership Training & Development Programs

Leadership training and development is the process which helps build and expand the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership and management roles within organizations. We are proud to contribute to that development through a mixture of four different pathways that allow us to help facilitate execution of leadership capabilities, growth, support, and best practices in workplace environments in any industry. 

We provide training support and development for emerging leaders, career leader professionals, and business organizational teams through a combination of the following four programs: 

Group Leadership Training & Development Academy

Designed for a required minimum number group of participants, typically from business organizations.

 (Spring/Fall Sessions)

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Continual Leadership Training & Development  (CLMs)

Designed for anyone looking to develop or enhance best practices in leadership or management.

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WINGS Annual Scholarship Program

Designed to help assist students who are currently pursuing higher education in trade school or college. 

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Olympians Leadership Sponsor Program

Designed to help sponsor emerging leaders at no cost, to participate in the full academy program.

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