The Olympians Academy Opportunities

March 2024

The Olympians Academy has some exciting news! We are looking to sponsor five aspiring entry-level leaders and/or career leader professionals who are looking to develop and/or enhance their leadership management skills, to participate in our full academy program at NO COST who are serious about taking their career to the next level. All participants will receive the full program benefits including: 



Program Benefits:

•A Certificate of Achievement from The Olympians Professional Leadership Academy to advance or open new career opportunities, transition your career role, or advance your leadership skills for career role enhancement.

•Issuance of our new Signature Series , Prestige Digital Leadership Badge that will show verifiable evidence of leadership training and development achievement through the inclusion of criteria and/or assessment details. You will be able to share your achievements with educational institutions, organizations, employers, and social platforms.

•Self-paced courses that will work with busy schedules [5 months (20 weeks)]

•Participate in practice scenario exercises and knowledge checks in each course that will build critical thinking skills for effective leadership management.

•Receive three coaching sessions and instructor support during the duration of your course enrollment.

•Letter of Recommendation received upon successful completion of all required coursework and coaching sessions.

Program Start Date: 

 March 4th , 2024

Program End Date:

July 26th, 2024


Please complete our online submission form and submit by the deadline. We will follow-up with additional information once reviewed. 

Online Sponsorship Submission Form

NOTE:  The sponsorship program is meant to support candidates who are not being represented by a business organization. For group enrollments, please visit: 

Group Enrollments

Deadline to Apply: February 15th, 2024

What We Ask of You: 

To participate in the full course offering, completing all 8 core training course modules (including assignments, knowledge checks, scenario exercises, and quizzes), participate in the included coaching sessions, and provide your constructive feedback on improvements that could enhance the overall program. Most importantly, learn and develop your leadership skills along the way! 😊


Email: [email protected]